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Secondary - Navals National Academy Turkmanpur

  • Class VI

    As students enter secondary level, the course of academics changes a bit. Based on current educational demands, the school teaches a well-structured syllabus covering all relevant topics so that students can get required information as per their standard.We believe in encouraging children with special focus on their academics.

  • Class VII

    Syllabus designed for class VII in the UP board covers each subject in a proper manner. The school administration has all the required resources so that students can fulfill their all learning demands.

  • Class VIII

    At Class VIII level the school teaches entire syllabus in detail. To make learning easy they divide the syllabus into different sections and each section has different marks. This is done to make learning understandable and aims to improve the quality of each student of the school.

  • Class IX

    Class IX is quite comprehensive and so present a bit of challenge for students. To make things easy for students the faculty of Naval's National Academy Turkmanpur has designed a proper teaching methodology. They give extra effort and time to students and arouse their interest in reading and writing skills.

  • Class X

    When it comes to preparing students for Class X board exams, Naval's National Academy Turkmanpur makes an extra effort and teaches every topic in a detailed manner. Weekly, Monthly, and Half Yearly tests are conducted to make students fit for the board exams.